This past Saturday I had the honor of photographing the best surprise proposal on Libby Hill in Richmond, VA. It’s always fun to be apart of capturing this moment for couples, but this one was extra special.

I met Erica when we were sophomores in college at Longwood University. Let’s just say we were inseparable the next four years as we finished our master’s degrees together. I was able to be there to watch her and Ari’s relationship develop and let’s just say it’s an incredible story. I’ll tell that one another time though!

Ari had been planning to pop the question for some time but between an original plan not working out, a pandemic, and wanting it to be extra special he wasn’t finding the right time. This was until Erica made the plan to have a picnic with pizza and ice cream on Libby Hill. It just so happened that she’d already invited my fiancĂ© and I to join them.

Needless to say, she said yes! Despite all other things not going to plan for them that day, the proposal was a success! Ari simply said something to the effect of “Erica, this hasn’t been the easiest of days but I want to spend all of my days of my life with you regardless”.

I absolutely loved her reaction and I expected nothing less. There aren’t enough words to describe how happy I am for these two!

Still in shock Erica asks “Wait, DID YOU KNOW?!”

Ari then told her, “That’s why I wanted to wear a polo!”

Erica + Ari,

You guys deserve all the happiness in the world. You’re both kind, caring, loving, and incredible people and friends. I’m so blessed to have you both in my life and call you my friends.

I love you both!


August 3, 2020

Erica + Ari | Surprise Proposal on Libby Hill

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